New beginnings

I’m so glad September’s here. Although I’ve loved having the summer off with my boys, it also means that I have to put my writing on hold. And there’s always something special about this time of year. I love that back to school feeling – falling leaves, sharp new pencils, and new routines to settle into, with Halloween and Christmas on the horizon.

Here are my writing plans for the rest of the year:

  • Send off the agent submissions I’d planned to email in July, when an essay and tonsillitis got in the way, and research more agents.
  • Edit the story I plan to enter into the Fish Publishing Short Memoir Competition. I need to get the story under 4000 words and streamline it a bit more.
  • Have a look at all my material and see if I can edit something to enter into the Words and Women Prose Competition. It’s a tricky one because the word limit is 2,200 words, which is a bit short for most of my pieces without over-editing.
  • Get some words down for The Library Letters (working title), which is a comic novel I’m attempting. I’ve managed to have a think about it over the summer, but I seem to have too many minor characters and mini-plot lines at the moment. I know I’m going to have the cull quite a bit of it, but I think the only way to proceed is to get down as much of it as I can, even if I know a lot of it will go when I come to edit. If I wait for inspiration to strike, I’ll never get any further with it. Must take my own advice and allow myself to write badly, but just write. It currently stands at just over 16,000 words, so it really is only in the early stages.

I think this is achievable, although I’ll need to weave it in with the rest of my life. I start my MSc in Psychology later in the month, which will have to take priority, and obviously being a mum is fairly consuming. But writing is important too, and I must look at the bigger picture.

I’m also plucking up the courage to share my blog on my Facebook page, but I do worry about being too personal. I might test the water by creating a page for the blog first and see what happens… watch this space.

It’s nice to be back blogging again. I always worry I won’t come back to writing after a break, but I’m here. I turned up on the page, and I think blogging is a good habit for me. If nothing else, it helps me focus my mind and makes me feel like a ‘proper’ writer.


Author: lifeandtimesofamemoirwriter

I am a writer based in East Anglia. Currently writing a memoir about alcoholism and student life during the mid-1990s Brit Pop / Girl Power era (long-listed for the Mslexia Memoir Competition 2014).

2 thoughts on “New beginnings”

  1. “I might test the water by creating a page for the blog first and see what happens… watch this space.”
    Seems like a sensible idea. You don’t know what sort of wierdos are out there (myself included). I heard you can only have one FB page per person though. Not sure about this.
    Good luck with your detailed plans for writing in the Autumn. And yes, it is a magical time of the year.


    1. Thanks Alan, hopefully my plan is do-able!

      Will research the Facebook page thing – there’s a way to do it, but I want to be certain of security settings first, not so much for weirdos, but because I have a handful of Facebook friends that it wouldn’t be appropriate to share it with (e.g. ex-employers and work colleagues).

      I must say, it’s not v. Autumnal here today – my thermostat says it’s 28.5 degrees. So much for falling leaves! 🙂


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